Belgian sold GT350 (VIN 1F02M17993X)
The below pictures are from the seventies, offering a unique view on how these cars looked like back in the days. The story of this car goes like this: the car was ordered by a guy in Mechelen. But he missed the necessary funds to purchase the car when it was delivered, so Mr Armand Vlaeminck was called (a serieus lover of US cars as he already owned a 68 Mustang). He has the money and buys the special Shelby. Later on the gentleman from Mechelen tries to buy the car from Armand, but he Armand refuses. What Franky (Armands son, and owner of these pictures) remembers from the car is that the electricity overheated. A garage mechanic in Aalst replaces the electricity and the problem is solved. He did comment on the car's performance: a serieus driver is needed to control this car ! Near the end of the seventies Armand sells the Shelby Europa, some people kept passing by and once the offer cannot be refused, the Shelby Europa is gone, something Armand has regretted afterwards. Apparently the car got into the hands of C.V. Bastiaanse in the Netherlands but was stolen while waiting for a service in a garage in Montfort on 15th October 1987. It was never seen again.