Dutch GT350 (VIN 1F02M202548)

The current Dutch owner bought the car in Rijswijk, at the time the car was a daily driver and was just parked in the street. The then owner, Roel Snel, used the car for drag racing in the Netherlands and England, he was a good mechanic. Sadly he got divorced, started drinking and has passed away.
The original wheels were found in his garage and so was part of the Ram Air system, apparently a Belgian owner had driven the car on gas (LPG) and had the system removed because of that. The missing parts were sourced by the current Dutch owner in Belgium. The seller knew about the car and had tried to purchase it himself.
The Cibie foglights were sadly thrown away as the owner thought those were not original. In the meantime a set has been bought in England and have been mounted.
An old friend of Roel Snel was able to give some more info about the Shelby Europa. He is a collector of expensive sportscars and also knows Clause Dubois. He claims that he saw the Shelby as an advertisement object in a garage in Valkenswaard, mounted on a pole with a sign above.
The owner has also a set of front wings, hanging in his garage. These are from a Shelby that was found in the garden of a Dutch real estate agent living in Antwerp.

This the "certificat de conformité" of this blue Shelby Europa. As Claude Dubois was officially a car constructor, he had to do the paperwork to. Especially in Belgium this piece of paper (first intruduced in 1968) was very important.