50th Anniversary Celebration Las Vegas
A big birthday like this should be celebrated ! And while every European club has something special planned (well, almost every club), the Mustang Club of America had 2 big events planned in April. One in Charlotte and one in Vegas. Most of you know by now that the Vegas event was not so good. Let's forget about it and look at some pictures ! Let's start with the biggest star of the event: the 2015 Mustang. There was a grey GT, and a blue 50th Anniversary model. Besides those, there was the 1962 Mustang I, and the 1963 Mustang II. The Green Hornet was there, some early Mustangs (including Bob Fria's hardtop), some old racecars and plenty of other nice Mustangs. Enjoy the pictures.
It looks stunning ! And grey/sliver with the black wheels is not even my favourite combo.
This is the 50th Anniversary special edition. Love the horse in the grille and the chrome accents around the taillights. Cool rims too !
The 1962 Mustang I with the V4 engine, driven by Dan Gurney at Watkins Glen.
The 1963 Mustang II, one of one ! In original condition. With a removable hardtop.
Bob Fria's Caspian Blue hardtop, pre production car, serial nr 5F07U100002
Original owner convertible
Original owner Tropical Turquoise fastback from Mexico city. Stunning !
Original A/FX race car.
Lee Iaccoca's personal Mustang.
Love the Kelsey Hayes wheels !
One of a couple nice Bullitt replica's.
The Green Hornet, the only Shelby hardtop.
Notice the wheelcovers, more rare then the 10-spoke wheels.
The 3 above are High Country Specials, so like the California Specials (more known) but for Colorado.
The only 1969 Boss 302, and in my favoute color: Calypso Corrall.
Rare colour for this nice Mach I: Winter Blue.
1970 Mach I, Twister Special, with the Cobra Jet 428ci V8 and the standard dog dish hub caps.
Tony Rainero's 1970's racer, fully restored by it's current owner.
One of 1806 1971 Boss 351'
The ONLY Mustang II that visited the show !!!
1984 Mustang SVO
1986 SVO
Beautiful early Saleen.
Vaughn Grittin Jr's drift Mustang (and seen in action !!)
I kept this one for last, a Mustang Station wagon.