50th Anniversary - Lille
Facebook can be a strong tool. This meeting in Lille, France, which was held for the 3rd time is basically known through facebook. That's how I found out as well and I quickly decided to join. Lille is not too far and besides a "standing" meeting there was also a drive towards Mouscron where you could have lunch. So with 6 Mustangdrivers I headed towards Lille. The sky was grey as from the border but we did not see a drop of rain. The organisers expected 150 cars, apparently over 300 showed ! Needless to say there were a few hickups..... Still we had fun (we always do) and we got a drive to Mouscron under the guidance of the local bike club. Well done guys. Besides the obvious French Mustangs there were also a lot of Belgian visitors, and some familiar faces as well ! Getting food was not easy so we took matters in our own hand, and that also had a few hickups.... Eventually we found a place with a nice parking lot and some bottles of cava (we were thirsty too). Enjoy the selected pics.