Silverstone Classic

In case you had forgotten, it’s 50 years Mustang this year. So plenty of events to go to. I had never been to the Silverstone Classic in UK and when I heard that the MOCGB was organizing a parade lap and that a 2015 was going to be there, I thought I cannot miss this. So a B&B was found, a ticket for the chunnel bought and I asked some Mustangdrivers to join me.
Luckily the weather was excellent so the trip to Everdon where the B&B was went very smooth. I arrived around lunch time and while I was chatting to the owner, I heard the burble of V8’s. Mustangdrivers Danny & Wendy had arrived together with Reiny & Loes (the president of the Dutch club) and Ronald. Good timing! While they decided to visit Warwick castle, I decided to drive to the track (I had already visited Warwick in 2009). It was a good decision to go the track as I had the opportunity to park next to a red 2015 GT !! Cool and unique pictures.
The next day we all went to the track, and some 200 Mustangs were parked. Around lunch we did our parade lap which was very cool, especially when 2 P51 Mustangs flew over. Amazing. We all enjoyed the event, the cars, the weather and the people ! We met Mark Hayden (the organizer) again and also Alex Fearn, which had both seen in Mallory Park in 2009. Even the guest at our previous B&B, Ian was there too. The Mustang race were great too, fire spitting Mustangs, close action racing, cars going sideways. Lots to see during the 20 minutes race (way too short). We ended the Saturday with a big BBQ organized by the English. There was even a 50th Mustang Anniversary Cake ! On Sunday we looked around more (plenty to see) and were personally thanked by Mark for being there ! And for once I was not the only Belgian as Peter Santens was there too.Enjoy the selected pics.
Deze 67er is van Mike Brewster, bekend van het Discovery programma Wheelers Dealers
Zicht op de MOCGB stand op zaterdag na de parade ronde.
Mooie fastback, merk vooral de badge op met "over drive".
Perfecte replica van de Ford GT uit 66 (Le Mans)
Vanuit het rad had je mooi zicht op de stand van Bill Shepperd, namaak P51 incluis. Jammer dat de prijzen HEEL duur waren, zowel Mustangs als memorablia.....
Een quasi perfecte Bullitt clone, met Solar Production camera en Bullitt jasje incluis.
De Charger van de assasins mocht niet ontbreken. Daar lag een Winchester pump in.
Vuurspuwende Mustang !!