1966 GT K-code

Three letters can get any mustang lover excited: K GT. Yes this is a genuine 1966 GT with the amazing K code engine. And on top of that it is a Belgian car, so sold new in Belgium. That is always extra cool for me and other Belgians. It’s not a trailer queen or a show car, as you can see it wasn’t too clean inside or outside. The deluxe interior looks used but is not worn and the steering wheel surprisingly is not cracked, even the instrument cluster has still chrome shine on it and that in a convertible. When the engine starts it is relatively silent, the trumpet exhausts give it nice clapper sound and of course the most typical sound is the mechanical lifter sound these hipos have.

So how does it drive ? Well I am used to all the luxuries in my fastback. I have power steering and an automatic and power disc brakes. Here you need to work “harder", the steering is heavy at low speeds, the clutch is quite hard and the brake pedal needs a firm and deep push. The gearbox is a dream, the gear changes are so easy and smooth and like “fall” in. Once the revs go up the most fantastic sound is generated by the K code. And you can hear it very well with the top down. So you have a great time and you are really driving the car. I would not want to get stuck in traffic or park it in a small space, but that is not what the car is for, it needs a nice winding B road, speeds up to 100kph so the engine does not rev too much. Oh and maybe some sun and blue skies, cause today it was rather grey and chilly. But I got hot anyway, just because of the sheer fun this car is.

Special thanks to Miguel from Vanluchene Classic Car garage for making some time and giving me the opportunity to enjoy and photograph this cool mustang. Enjoy the pics !

Nightmist Blue is the name of the color.
The famous High Performance 289 badge, in this case it is the real thing.
Yes, it's a proper factory GT.
The original black deluxe interior. Sadly the original Belgian Blaupunkt radio is no longer there.
But the 200kph speedometer is still there.
White parking light lenses for export cars.
And here it is, not concourse by far, but a genuine K code engine.
All Belgian cars had this identification plate. You can see the K code VIN.