1970 Boss 302

The Boss 302 changed quite a bit for 1970, there were already the changes on the bodystyle, gone were the double headlights and the concave back panel. The Boss also did not have the grille-mounted driving lights, which were standard on the Mach I. The striping changed and all colors were available for the Boss including the exciting grabber colors. Black however was not available.

The standard wheel was not the Magnum 500, but the standard 15 inch wheel with hubcaps and trim rings.In the trunk there was an inflatable space-saver spare wheel with air cannister, scissors jack and lug wrench.

The bullet-shaped painted mirrors where standard, except for special order paint. The front spoiler was also standard, the rear spoiler (more heavy to avoid sagging) and slats were optional (but very popular) Because of the extra weight of the rear spoiler the trunk needed a prop to keep it open.

A new and popular option was the "Shaker" ram air hood scoop, and you even had a hood-mounted tachometer on your 70 Boss.

The interior also received the new 1970 goodies: a locking steering column, which also locked the transmission (for the Boss, it was locked in reverse gear), the ignition switch was moved to the steering column, the seatbelts were redesigned, the low back seats were eliminated and for the performance people: the standard knob for the shifter was replaced with a Hurst unit.

The most popular color in 1970 was Grabber Orange.
Grabber Blue is my favourite color for 1970.
This is Grabber Yellow, with the optional Shaker and hood-mounted tachometer.
Allthough most interiors came standard, everything was available. This is the Decor Group with optional clock and Rim-Blow steering wheel.
This is the standard interior in blue.

Red was of course still smashing, notice the reflective 3M striping and the optional Shaker and chrome Magnum 500 wheels.