Mustangs.......the Dutch Affair
Most of you know by know that the mustang has been produced in 3 American factories: Dearborn, San Jose and Metuchen. But do you also know that some Mustangs have been produced in the Netherlands ? In Amsterdam to be precise. You don't believe it ? Well here is (the only known) picture of the assembly line:
Here it is ! The N-code mustangs are being produced. The american code starts with (for 66 for instance) :


But the Dutch built mustangs have:



Has anyone seen one of those ? Well I have, 6 years ago. And at that time I had no idea what that weird code was. Now I know, and now you know. Thanks to Arjan more of these cars are put on the net, so when can have a look at this piece of mustang history. All the cars known, are put in a registry on his site. Kevin Marti for instance found out that 397 mustangs were built in Amsterdam in 1966 ! There is more info on Arjan's website of course and if you by any chance know an N-code mustang somewhere, or have any info on one please send Arjan an email ! He will be delighted !

For those of you who do many mustang meetings, you all know the "Gulf" 66 hardtop belonging to Harry Heinen from Germany. Well his car is a Dutch built mustang !
Arjan also found loads of documentation on Dutch Mustangs. Even mustang brochures in Dutch can be seen on his site. And have a look at the last picture, if that isn't proof that mustangs were built in Amsterdam.. The text says: "Mustang hardtop, the assembly of this famous sporty car started in our factory in 1965"