The first mustang

There are many special mustangs, but the mustang that received VIN number 001 is not only special but also the start of the pony tale. However in 1964 it was just a new mustang in a dealership in Canada. And the dealer did a good job, he sold mustangs, including this number 001.

Mr Stanley Tucker, an airline pilot, purchased the white ragtop. It came in Wimbledon White with a black interior, had the 260ci V8, automatic transmission, power brakes, power steering, console, radio and back-up lights.

Ford realized that number 001 was sold and wanted it back. They offered Mr Tucker a new 1966 convertible, full option and he accecpted. So Ford got its first mustang back and Mr Tucker found himself in a brand new mustang.

When I went to Nashville in 2004 for the 40th Anniversary Meeting, that car was there on display. The convertible is in excellent and original condition. For the mustang's 40th Anniversary, they got it out of the Ford Museum and prepared it for the festivities. They fired up the engine and drove it !! It is always nice to see special mustangs, so enjoy the pictures.