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The trophees !

Is there a better place then behind the wheel of your pony ? Together with my parents I organise every year a rally for mustang and cougar only. Although Belgium is a small country, there are lots of very nice areas to cruise on a sunny day ! And because there are already some mustang activities in other provinces of Belgium, I decided to explore and show Flanders (Oost- en West-Vlaanderen) to the mustang-owners.

The date is more or less the same each year; it is the 4th Sunday of June. Why that day ? The holidays haven't started yet and the exams have just finished for students. And another good reason is the sun ! So now that you know, you can book your calendar for the rest of the century ! ;o)

When you register you get: a roadbook, a trophee (hand-made and mustang related) and a drink just before lunch.

The first 45 registered cars will receive a trophee. It is handed out at the end of the rally.

You can also win one ot the three prizes for the mini-contest (includes practical test) Another thing we offer each year is a breakfast and a lunch, of course you are not obliged to take that; if you do, you need to register and pay for it ! When you register you will get the account details and the last date when to pay.

You can register for the rally and for the breakfast/lunch online on this site. You only have to fill in a form and within 3 days you get an email with the account details. Once I have received your payment you get a 2nd email with the confirmation. (NOTE: if you don't receive the 2nd email, you are NOT registered)