1962 Mustang I

The mustang story starts in 1962, when Lee Iacocca, "the father of the mustang" asks Ford styling studios to design a litle sporty car. One of the 2 prototypes created by Fords Advanced Styling Studios was this Mustang I.

It is an aluminum bodied, tube frame car with a mid-engine V4 with a transaxle, independent suspension on a 90in wheelbase. The car has retractable headlights to improve the aerodynamics and was driven around the Watkins Glen track (by Dan Gurney) approaching speeds of 120mph ! The mustang name came from John Najjar (who like the P51 fighter plane) and designer Phil Clark drew the galloping horse logo.

This prototype was also on display in Nashville in 2004 and in Las Vegas 2014, enjoy some pics of this unique car and part of the mustang heritage !

Nice close-up of the headlights (picture taken in Las Vegas 2014)