The 1969 Mustang E

No one needs to tell you about the K code 289 high performance, or the 428ci Cobra Jet or the massive 429ci that was put in the Boss 429. You can tell exactly how much horsepower and torque these engines have.  And when cars are offered for sale they bring huge amounts of money. Even a rusted mustang with the K code vin has hundreds of people talking and it sells for a huge sum of money. Well this car here is much rarer then these high power V8’s ! It’s estimated that only 96 of these were built and only 50 were sold. And even fewer survive ! In my 30 years of being a Mustang fan I never saw one. So let me present you the 1969 Mustang E of Tim and Barb Wise.

How weird for Ford to introduce this car in 1969, in the middle of the muscle car years. All the American cars had fantastic performance models and so did Ford. The Mach I, the Boss 302 and 429 mustangs are high powered cars and attract lots of attention, the Boss 302 also does that on the race track. The reason why Ford did this was the Mobile Economy Run. Read all about it here.

The Mustang E story: click here

Tim & Barb’s story: we found our car online and purchased it sight unseen not knowing that it was a Mustang E'.  The owner did not either.  This was discovered later during teardown of the car. 
What tipped us off was finding the buck tag on the radiator support crossmember and it was described as a 63D.  I realized that was odd as all others were 63A, 63B, or 63C
A is standard interior, B is deluxe interior, and C is Mach 1 interior so I knew something was different.  I discovered that the 63D was designated to the Mustang E' only which I had never heard of.   Research then told me to check for the rear end tag as a 2:33 rear gear was only designated for the Mustang E' also.  So, there it was.  The tag was still on the rear axle and marked 2:33.  Bang, I contacted Kevin Marti and got a Ford official report from the vin tag and got a confirmed Mustang E' report.  The only one they have every ran in their history.  So, this is a Ford confirmed Mustang E'.    We then scrapped the idea of putting in a V-8 motor and built it into what it is today.  
We decided that this had to be a concours build (just as it left Ford).  My wife and I tore this car completely apart, not a single nut, bolt or screw remained on the empty shell.  Hand stripped to bare metal.  All components returned to original condition as leaving Ford including the paint daub markings on all of the suspension parts.  
All work excluding engine machining and transmission rebuilding was done in our home garage.  We then got to the paint process and painted it exactly as Ford did with certain parts not attached and then painted in its original color Silver Jade.

This car has been featured in several magazines.  Mustang Times, Full Throttle and a few online magazines.  It was also featured on Fox World News.  Our biggest accomplishment is being featured on Ford Performance website as one of their top 23 vehicles built by Ford since 1903.  That was quite an honor.  
We spent 5 years restoring this car back to perfection, my wife Barb was working alongside of me the entire time.

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Pictures provided by Tim & Barb for mustangdrivers.be


Mike and Barb next to their unique 1969 Mustang E
The only marking showing it's a Mustang E, only one fastback in existance with this sign !
The 250ci 6 cil has a special torque convertor on the automatic gearbox and 2.33 gear, good for a whopping 27mpg !! (9.7 liter per 100km)
This is what a standard black 1969 interior looks like, the only option is the radio.