The 114 option Mustang

Everybody knows that the option list of the mustang was very long in 1966, Ford even said that the mustang is "designed to be designed by you". And we all know the most know and/or popular options like the pony interior, the console, power steering, you know, thinks like that.

When I went to Nashville in 2004 for the 40th Mustang Anniversary Meeting I saw a car with a lot of options, I guessed around 30-35. Untill the owner heard me and said: "the car's got 114 options". He had them all explained in a little picture book and it was obvious that the convertible was loaded. I have taken several pictures of this car, and I will try to name as many options at the end. I can already tell you that I don't get to 114 ! Enjoy the pics and discover some rare and unusual options.

Options that can be seen on the pictures
K-code V8 with dual red line tires
Cobra dress-up kit
GT equipment group
Power steering
Power top
Interior Decor Group
Air Conditioning
8 track player
Locking glovebox
Deluxe Seatbelts
Underdash tissue dispenser
Handbrake Warning Light
Headlights warning light
Search light
Tonneau cover
Rotunda headrests
Side pockets in doors
Central pocket behind console
Pony floor mats
Matching non remote passenger mirror
Visibility Group
Styled steel wheels
Rotunda horns
Rotunda washer fluid
Blinker indicator on fenders
Special taillights
Towing hook
Under-hood light
Trunk light
Chrome trim next to grille
Pop-open gascap
Luggage rack
Hood ornament
Door edge guards
Front & rear bumper protectors
Illuminated pony & corral