Bertone Mustang

The Mustang immediately was a big success in the US. However in Europe they were a lot less enthousiastic about the ponycar. A certain Mr Bailey (the owner of one of the biggest american car magazines, Automobile Quarterly) noticed this and he thought that a more European design might appeal them more. So he went to Europe and visited the Paris Car Show. There he was seriously impressed by Bertone's Canguro (based on an Alfa Giulia Tubolare) He therefore asked the Italian designer and asked him to make his impression of the popular Mustang.

A "naked" mustang was send to Bertone for some serious work. The wheelbase was not changed, but the radiator and steering column were installed, a lot lower though.... The headlights were installed within the limit of the American guidelines. Within this "contour" a fastback shape was created. Suspension remained standard. The car shows some of Bertone's styling cues: retractable headlights, on the sides a little grille and the very wide front grille. The hood shows 3 "bumps", 2 for the shock absorber connection points and 1 for the airfilter. The whole front of the car got lowered with 115mm.

The peculiar little side windows can be opened electrically, and the backside of these serve as "rollbar". Even with this strenght the roof is still very light-looking, another Bertone touch.

Mr Bailey (and Ford) were very happy with the result, so happy that the Bertone Mustang got a place of honour at the New York Motor Show.

Current whereabouts and condition are unknown.