Bunkie Knudsen's Mustang

For those who don't know Semon E Knudsen (or "Bunkie") a short explanation: he joined General Motors in 1939 and worked his way op. About halfway 1968 he was hired by Henry Ford II. He also brought with him: Larry Shinoda (famous for designing the Boss 302). But in September 1969 he was already fired as, according to Henry Ford II "Things didn't work out."

Although he was only with Ford for a short time, he still managed to greatly influence the 1971-1973 models. These Mustangs were the largest and for a reason, they needed to receive the huge 429ci V8 engine without modifications (unlike the Boss 429, which was built at Kar Kraft).

The pictures below are from his personal Mustang: a pre-production Boss 429, KK1205. (photo's courtesy of Jason Young/Rodman Hobbs)