Special Shelby Pictures
The following picture consists of 4 different ones. I found these a long time ago on the net, they look like they've been taken in 1965 ! I have put them in an animated gif so you can see the action of the GT350 even better !


The next picture is also taken in 1965. The fastbacks get delivered to Shelby, minus hoods and rear seats, grilles and with the heavy duty station wagon steel wheels. The HIPO engines are installed by Ford, but of course get the extra horses at the Shelby factory. Notice that none of them have mirrors installed on the doors. (and look at all those Cobras in the background)
This one is taken inside the Shelby shop, here the fastbacks are turned into GT350's ! You can see all the engine parts ready to be installed.
The next series of pictures are also taken in 1965, I think for advertissement purposes.
The following pictures show some detailed shots of the GT350, underside, engine, trunk and interior.
I think the next picture is of the R-model prototype, but I am not sure. And to end some more pictures of the Shelby in action !