Restoration by the previous owner

The car was fully converted to 8 cilinder status: front and rear suspension, brakes, electricity, fuel lines, you name it and is has been converted, the only thing 6 cilinder left on the car is the engine code in the VIN number.

The black standard interior was in good condition and was reinstalled. Even the headliner and carpet are original. The car received a decent anti-rust protection but after 18 years and 100.000km on Belgian roads (and Belgian weather) there are some rust issues that need to be addressed. This will be done early 2014. Thanks to the "modern" engine and AOD (4 speed automatic overdrive transmission) the fuel consumption is very good. The engine is thanks to electronic ignition and hydraulic valves troublefree.

One of the typical mustang deseases: the leaky cowl vent. Under the windshield there is a grille, there the water goes down and exits at the bottom, going under the wing. Since this metal part was not protected, it started rusting. Giving the water free entrance to the interior, which resulted in wet carpets and rusted floors.

My car suffered mildly, but the repairs was done anyway and the cowl vent got a good rust protection. Here you see one of the "pots" replaced, and the plate gets a red anti-rust treatment.

The right front wing is ready to be painted.
The lower back wings had rust and received some new sheetmetal.

The donor engine is an 1980's low compression 302ci V8. A mere 133 horses for this engine that came (so I was told) from a Thunderbird. Some paint made it look like this.

Advantage: runs on unleaded fuel and has electronic ignition so fuel consumption (together with the AOD) is good.

UPDATE 2012: this engine has now been replaced with a fresh 302 roller block from 1987 (all new inside). It should have 200hp now. Click here for the story.

Freshly repainted in Clearwater Aqua, the fastback sits on the trailer, ready to be finished.