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Clean up of underside - rust protection

10 years after the fastback's restoration it is time to have a look at the underside ! The previous owner painted the underside as well and gave the car a decent anti-rust protection. Still there were a couple of places with rust. So I decided to give the whole underside a good clean, take care of the rust, and put a fresh coat of waxoil on for another 10 year's worth of protection.

A dirty job which took my dad and I a whole day to finish. I am glad it is done ! I took some before pictures and some after the clean but forgot to take some pics after the coat of waxoil....

Up in the air, easy to work on now...

As you can see, it is in good condition, just a bit greasy

(respect for the people who drive their car and keep it clean here as well)

Here you can see the bigger AOD tranny, the exhuast doesn't look nice but is ok.
Again greasy but no rust here
Tank is original and repainted, leaf springs are new. The shock absorbers are air filled.
A bit of rust here...
Making it clean and ready for the anti rust repellant.
All clean, this alone took over 2 hours !!
Clean ! Here and there some paint came of, it is no rust.
The fuel tank looks like new again !