Belgian Shelby KR restoration

This is an original Belgian Shelby, one of two imported by the dealer Claude Dubois. The car has been on the road for only 6 years ! The car never had any accidents and hasn't been (completely ) restored before. There is virtually no rust. Some parts have been replaced but with original sheetmetal. The engine and transmission are being rebuild now.
The car hasn't seen any modifications and is complete. The restoration has started a few months ago (June 2002) These are the first pics I took and my first look I had as well.
After months of waiting for a new nose, things start to move again.
March 2004:. Two new pictures added (bottom)
May 2004: engine pictures (bottom)
December 2004: project advances, 8 more pics (bottom)
January 2006: two more pictures added. (bottom)

Last 6 pictures: finished at the Mustang meeting in Didam (The Netherlands)

The interior, the electric wires are as good as new, the seats are original and look excellent, the console has been cleaned up and looks new, the dashpad is in good condition, the instrument cluster looks ok, steering wheel here is not the original one
Detailed look on the console
The front disc without the calipers, look at the excellent condition everything is in!!
The empty engine bay, seen from under the car, the chassis is absolutely solid !! The power booster for the brakes and lines are still in blue, but will be put back to original.
Look from the side, the hood and front fiberglass pats are new (NOS)
The back, notice the covered standard mustang rear lights openings, the Shelby taillight panel is put over this and has the sequential lights. The gas tank has been sprayed already.
UPDATE: December 2004
UPDATE: January 2006