Number 33

Story by the owner:

I’ve always been fascinated by cars, especially Ferrari. My dream was to own such a beautiful and fast car. Ever since the movie “Gone in 60 seconds” that dream had changed!!!! Since then, I didn’t want to have a Ferrari anymore but an “Eleanor”. The sound, the looks, the power,… everything was perfect and way cooler than Ferrari!!! I made a decision in the summer of 2008 to buy a Ford Mustang Fastback 1968, the base car for “Eleanor”. I had the choice between a 6-cylinder and a V8. The six cylinder was the perfect car to create an “Eleanor” but my attention was drawn by the black Fastback. Although the car had no interior and was stripped on the outside, she looked awesome!!!!! When I bought her, the car seller told me it was a 289 engine. Afterwards it seemed to be a 302 4V with matching numbers and a 4-speed manual. I’m not intending to make an “Eleanor” of her, nor am I willing to make her original. I’ll try to give her a personal touch on the inside as well as on the outside.