Number 29: 1969 convertible "Eleanor"

Who says an Eleanor is grey ? Who says it should be a 67 fastback ? Well definitely not the owner of this nice blue 69 convertible !
The car already looks nice "standard" and you don't see too many 69 convertibles on the road.... But the owner likes better handling, better looks, and the look of the Eleanor cars. So he has it built like that, many things have been done and still a few projects are waiting ! Including 4 wheel disc brakes....

Some history: the car was originally Meadowlark Yellow, black standard interior and a 3 speed. The car was restored in California in 96 and then came to Belgium. After a few owners and some work the car ended up at the Belgian Coast. These days Eleanor burns the rubber there !
All the info on this story and the birth of Eleanor can be found on the owner's site: (sorry folks Dutch only)

Enjoy some pics of before and ...after !