Number 26: 1969 sportsroof

1969 was the first year that the Mach I package was sold, and it was a succes ! A lot of people liked the way it looked, but if you wanted the same car but spend less money, you ordered the sportsroof. While everybode always talks about 69 Mach I's, well this one isn't ! So that makes it special too then, and look at this color, not the average red isn't it ?

This car is equiped with the 351 Windsor with Ram Air, it has a Ford Motorsport Performer intake and a Holley 600cfm carb. Hedman headers bring the fumes through Flowmaster doouble exhausts. It is optioned with an FMX tranny, power steering, power disc brakes and Magnum 500 rims. The car hits the road in the Netherlands these days.