Number 32

The current owner purchased the car in 2005 from the very first owner, who only lived 4km away ! The car has 68000km on the counter. When he got the car, the bodywork was ok and the car had been repainted in the original white. However a lot of work was performed on the interior, suspension, brakes, electricity and engine. Still the original 2300cc four banger was removed a bit later for a more potent 2800cc V6. (and it looks alot beter in the engine bay as well...)

While most of the car is original, some changes were made for appearance. The chrome steel wire wheels for instance, the scoop on the hood and the airbrush on the hood (personal design), the chrome mirrors come from a Granada and the steering wheel is the known wooden Grant. All in all, a succesful upgrade, as the car easily stands out with all the goodies.

The original 2300cc 4 cilinder
The current 2800cc V6