Number 7: 1967 fastback restomod

The owner bought 2 cars, 1 67 fastback and 1 wrecked 96. He will put all the technology of the 96 in the fastback. This includes engine, suspension front and rear, dashboard and the full wiring harness ! The car is painted in blue with white Le Mans stripes. As you can see by the 7 pictures, the project isn't quite finished yet ! Come back from time to time for updates.

Autumn 2004. the project is finished. The engine fits nicely, the brakes and suspension also are in place. The interior is a perfect mix of 1967 and 1996. The whole dash is nicely incorporated, so is the AC. All the controls are 1996. The seats are two tone blue. A costum made roofconsole has also been installed. With some nice chrome wheels the car looks fantastic. And according the the owner the fastback drives very well (read fast) too !

Latest pictures of the finished product at the bottom. Enjoy !