1979 hatchback restoration

The story is told by the owner himself: Me and my Mustang, This project started in September 2001. I bought 2 mustangs ( 1979-1981), those were stalled somewhere in a deserted old chicken run for 7 years. Both cars were almost complete, except for the donor car, it had no engine and no exhaust. The blue car, which I am actually gonna drive some day, was complete, but the engine wasn't installed yet. The first problem was getting the cars home. We had to rent a trailer and ask my uncle to get them. This was the easiest part of the project. When both cars were finally home, we realised what we got ourselves into. The main goal was to get the car rolling, and afterwards I would install some spoilers, get a paintjob, a new set of wheels and stuff like that. After three months of hard work, I am still trying to get it rolling...The first time I tried to start the car, I realised that driving the car was not going to happen in the near future :-) The engine would immediately start to cranck when the battery was connected, so I decided to change all the wires from the donor car. After 2 weeks of hard work it was finally done. We gave it another go. We managed to get it started (hey hey), but when the engine got hot, oil started spraying around, and an incredible amount of smoke filled the garage.Diagnose: turbo broken ! First big expense: getting the turbo fixed. By the time it was fixed, I already had exams, which didn't leave much time to work on the car. After the exams my dad and I dismounted the rear axle , the fuel tank and some other things that needed to be cleaned and painted. The rear brakes are almost as new, and we are going to change the brake lines now. For now that's it. I will try to make some more pictures and keep you informed on the restauration. Cya on the road !

A lot has happened since, but with a few setbacks the car has currently a V8 under the hood, together with a manual transmission. And for the good looks some nice chrome 17 inch wheels.

Sadly this mustang got totaled in an accident. The owner started a new project, a 1967 fastback.