Mustang Trivia

This page is for you ! During my years of internet "travel" I have found many interesting things about mustangs: stories, facts, pictures, quizes, etc

Allthough none of this information is "mine", I would like to share all this stuff with you. As said before, I have found all the items on this page somewhere else. I hope no site-owner will be unhappy with the fact that this info is here. None of this info is "protected" a lot if is from Ford itself and already available on the net, I am just putting it all together.

Some things are copyrighted, in that case, you can see that on the picture and I will mention the source.

A lot of this info you might know already, or you have seen it elsewhere. But of course I hope you haven't, so you can discover something new.... enjoy !

Last update: March 2015


Tucker Mustang
Production line/at factory
64' New York World Fair
Claude Dubois-Shelby Europa

Empire State Building Mustang 1965 & 2015

007 Goldfinger Fastback
Bertone Mustang
Shelby de Mexico
Shelby Zagato Special Shelby Pics 114 Option Mustang
Edsel Ford fastback Disney Magic Skyway 1962 Mustang I 1963 Mustang II
Bunkie Knudsen's Boss 429 (new)      


Prototype of the fastback dated 1963. Still has the Cougar in the grille.