The car was sold originally in Zottegem, Belgium in 1966. This means that it makes kms rather then miles. Like most cars that come to Belgium it had the six-cilinder and a 4 speed manual as drivetrain. No air no power steering but seatbelts a radio, a console and a rally-pac. It was dressed in classic wimbledon white and had the standard 66 wheelcovers.

The second owner restored the car and converted it to V8 status. As the engine he got, had an AOD to it, it was kept. Disc brakes, power steering and AC were also installed. The typical mustang disease was cured (cowl vent repair), doors, a wing and a hood (from a donor car) and the rear fenders were replaced. The rear floors were also replaced (but I only noticed years after I bought the car). Clearwater Aqua covers my fastback now and it was finished with wire wheelcovers.

While all the bodywork and paintjob where done properly, I have found during my years of driving it that no new parts, or correct ones were used..... This proves to be problematic when working on the car, or trying to order correct parts. In the meantime most of these "cheap" jobs have been rectified and replaced with correct and new parts, the list is long !


I have added following items/options:

- deluxe floormats; currently "pony" floormats

- matching non-remote mirror on the passengers side;

- styled steel wheels (65 model);

- an original rally-pac has also been installed although from a 6cil and working;

- a remote trunk release;

- a parking brake warning light;

- upgraded the disc brakes to power disc brakes

This is, besides the red interior, how my car must have looked when it was new in 1966.
My car in early 2000, the year I bought it.
This is how it looked in spring 2019