Photo Gallery

When I take out my car for a drive, there are quite a few things I always have with me: my tool case, water, a jack (the original one), often some spare parts, you know: practical things. But I also always have my photo camera with me ! I like takings pictures, for me it is like a 2nd hobby.

So find here some photos of my car in front of castles (another hobby), on main squares, or just nice views, together with other cars or nice or "famous" places. You will always find the most recent pictures at the top.

Samen met een 2018 ecoboost convertible
Voor de kathedraal van Reims in de champagnestreek
Autumn is a amazing time to take pictures.
Het kasteel van Amboise in de Loire streek.
Kasteel van Mirwart tijdens het Mustangdrivers weekend in de Ardennen 2011
10' drive from home on a sunny september evening 2010
deserted road - september 2010
Crossing some water during Rally de Bolongs 2009
Mustangdriversweekend in Germany 2009. In front of the Pfalzgravenstein in Kaub (Rhein)
Kelmarsh Hall in UK in 2009
One of the first really nice and hot weekends in 2006, so I went out for a drive. At the back, the ruins of the castle Havré in the province of Hainaut.
End of May 2006 we went to Alsace in France for 4 days with 6 mustangdrivers. Great fun and great driving on beautiful country roads. We were quite lucky with the weather, so the convertibles were able to drive topless.
In September 2005, we spent a weekend in GH Luxembourg with the drivers. One of the cool moments was this one when we crossed the water. Always good for a nice picture.
This the castle of Hautain-le-Val, I took this pic in 2005. The first year I owned my car I took the same picture. I will scan that non-digital picture and add it for comparison.
Mustang and castle: easy to take nice pictures no ?
At the top of the rock: the castle of Mielmont. I did this drive end of October and it was still 20° !!!
Here you can really see the evening colors, giving a special touch. This was also the October drive.